Feed the Future, USAID, Senegal, women rice farmers

Perspectives: Anna, Rice Farmer in Senegal - video for Feed the Future Global Forum Washington

USAID | Feed the Future
  • ONG
  • 2014

Au 'Feed the Future Global Forum 2014' à Washington, un panel des experts présente des 'case studies' importants d'Afrique. 

Published on May 30, 2014

Anna Gaye explains how she and her farming group have boosted their yields and businesses with new rice and time-saving technology.

Meet Anna Gaye from the GIE Kissal Patim, a farmer organization of some 1,200 smallholder farmers (half of whom are women) that works in 52 villages in the rural community of Mampatim in southern Senegal. She introduces the work of Kissal Patim through their partnership with USAID's Economic Growth Project (Projet Croissance Economique), including better agricultural and post-harvest practices access to improved seeds and mechanization, certified seed production, marketing, storage, and more.



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