Water in de Stad (11 mins, Fr)

Delegatie van de Europese Unie in Senegal
  • NGO
  • video projects
  • Documentaires
  • 2018

Nestled between the sea and the River Senegal is the Guet Ndar neighbourhood -- the fishermen’s quarter. With around 25,000 residents, this is Senegal’s most densely populated urban area. Most fishermen have constructed their own homes. Half of families living in the neighbourhood are lacking in sanitary facilities, with waste water thrown directly into the river and ocean. Sanitary waste then contaminates the water supply, meaning diarrhoea is one the most common forms of illness in young children. The delegation of the European Union to Senegal is one of the financers and is supervising the ongoing rollout of the project.



  • Director, producer, camerawork and editor
  • Aida Grovestins