Aida Grovestins is a multimedia journalist and filmmaker based in Senegal, covering West-Africa.

She makes news and multimedia reportages, NGO & institutional films and documentary films.

Aida Grovestins was born in the Netherlands and studied History and Political Science at the University of Amsterdam.

After many years working for different public news and current affairs channels in the Netherlands, she started in 2009 to develop and produce documentary films independently and in collaboration with third parties.

Since 2014 she is a freelancer covering the African continent from her base in Dakar, Senegal. She directs and produces videos for NGO’s and international organisations and produces (multi)media stories for news outlets. She films, records, writes, edits her film, radio and (multi)media productions independently. 

Documentary Films

2014/ 2015 - documentary film 'Quitte le Pouvoir' (Step down!) (47 mins) 

2009 - documentary film 'Diamond Dust' (45 mins),  shown on Dutch TV (VPRO) and Belgium TV (CANVAS).


  • camera & sound
  • Canon C100, Canon 5D Mark III, Sennheiser mics


Al Jazeera, IRIN, REUTERS, VOA, VPRO, Human Rights Watch, the EU, the UN, USAID | FEED THE FUTURE, ICRC, Institut Français Dakar, BirdLife | Vogelbescherming, DOEN Foundation, Dutch Public broadcasting channels (NTR, VPRO, Radio-1, RNW, EO)



“ Aida produced two great videos for the Feed the Future project I manage. Both were designed, planned and executed with very tight deadlines and filming was done in difficult field conditions with a minimal technical team. Camera work and photography are of very high technical and esthetical quality. The end product captures the spontaneous reactions of the farmers, yet is edited by Aida into a very clear storyline that has had a strong impact on a variety of audiences - from US officials to local farmer leaders. I strongly recommend her for the quality of her work and good collaboration we have had. - Jean-Michel Voisard, Chief of Party of Engility Corporation| FEED THE FUTURE - Directeur de projet in Senegal. ”


“ Werken met Aida is zeer inspirerend. Zij kan zich als geen ander vastbijten in een onderwerp. Haar grondige research talent en haar open visie maakt dat haar werk zeer oprecht is. Als regisseur is ze constant op zoek naar de beste vertelwijze. Dit zorgt ervoor dat ze het beste in haar team naar boven kan brengen. ”

- Hanneke van der Linden, animatrice voor de films Quitte le Pouvoir en Women of Waalo

“ «Quitte Le Pouvoir»: " Quel film poignant et édifiant. J’ai l’impression que le projet semble avoir apporté à tout le monde impliqué d’être plus proche du monde dans lequel ils souhaitent vivre. Le film montre à quel point nous avons nous notre destin en main et que nous pouvons arriver à notre but, à partir du moment que nous avons tracé notre chemin et l’objectif de façon décisive, avec un engagement à long terme et la volonté de servir le peuple. ”


“ 'Quitte le Pouvoir': "What an empowering and uplifting film. I was left with the feeling that the whole project seems to have brought everyone involved closer to the world in which they wish to live. The film shows just how much is within our grasp and that, if we set out decisively on our path, with a long-term commitment to our goal and a determination to serve the people, we can achieve anything. Thank you for the inspiration. ”

- Jonathan Lewis, blogger