Wade, Step Down! (Quitte le Pouvoir)

documentaire film - 47 mins - franse ondertiteling
  • Documentaires
  • multi media projecten | (video-) journalisme
  • 2014

A film by Aida Grovestins

Aida Grovestins (director/producer) and Machteld Aardse (artist/producer) | Cheikhou Diarra (narration, title song) | Hanneke van der Linden (animations) | Crossroads DOCS 2014.

In 2011 Senegal’s President Abdoulaye Wade declares that he will run for a third term in the elections. Knowing full well that the Consitution does not allow it. ‘Y’en a marre’ (Fed Up’) is founded that same year. Using music and door-to-door campaigns, ‘Y’en a marre’ calls upon the youth to engage politically and demonstrate against Wade’s candidacy. They also urge the youth to register and use their voting card as their democratic weapon. Y’en a marre succeeded to register 300.000 new voters, a historical They have inspired young people from other West-African countries to politically engage in pacifist civil movements, to avoid the violent scenario of the ‘Arab Spring’. 

Un film de Aida Grovestins

Producteurs: Aida Grovestins (réalisatrice/producteur) and Machteld Aardse (artiste/producetur) | Crossroads DOCS 2014